Royal Theater – Curse #3421F

Posted on April 10, 2011


Thursday morning the Prince is watching his jester dance around the palace, ducking between giant columns, screeching jokes in a high, tense voice. So a goblin enters the bar, the Jester says. Executioner, the Prince cries. Executioner, kill this man. The Prince is now in a dark mood. The Jester’s joke has made him remember his fear of goblins. Just like a common man, he says, I’m cursed with fears.

The Royal Sycamore Community Theater is currently enjoying a production of Peter Pan. Fantastic show, a man says. I loved the Captain, a woman says. You whore, a man says, I saw how you looked at him. Bugger off, the woman says. The show is a hit.

Friday afternoon the Prince is eating crab cakes. Executioner, the Prince yells. Hang the cook from a tree and burn his assistants at the stake. These crab cakes are absent any taste and I will not have this sort of behavior in my court! Executioner, the Prince yells. Promote the dishwasher to the title of jester. Entertain me, the Prince says to the new jester. That evening the Prince has the jester beheaded.

The theater troupe has an outstanding Captain Hook. Every once in a while he turns to the audience as they clap or boo and belittle them as if they are children.  Grow up, he says. Time out for you, he yells.

The Prince is desperate for entertainment. They are saying great things about the production of Peter Pan, says the Prince’s assistant. Executioner, the Prince yells, quarter this fool who tells me what ‘THEY’ are saying is great. They never say I am great.

Saturday night the troupe is nervous. The Prince is coming, says Peter. He kills everything that talks to him, says Wendy. The show must go on, says the Director.

Halfway into the play, the Prince is content but also concerned. I love how the audience reacts to show, the Prince says to his date. She says nothing.  She is dead. The Prince has strangled her in a fit of rage over her opinion on his new cologne. I’m not sure about the fairy, he says, fairies scare me. The Prince begins to interact with the show, just like the audience, he boos and claps.

As the Captain threatens Peter and the Lost Boys with death , the audience boos. The Captain turns to face them, raises his hook, and yells: Children are to be SEEN and not HEARD!

And people say that theater is dead.

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