Ice Cream – Comfort #4

Posted on April 8, 2011


Where did the Ice Cream go, she says. Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry. All gone!

Where is it, I say. Where is the Ice Cream?

I don’t know, she says. That’s why I asked! Where is the Ice Cream?

The Ice Cream has always been at this stand, a place we have come for years to kill our problems with rich cream and comfortable taste. Now the Ice Cream is gone.

What will we do, I say. We can’t live like this. It’s cruel.

Die, she says. We are going to die. Our troubles are going to kill us now. The Ice Cream is gone.

Did you set this up, I say. Did you want me to be frantic? Do you realize the stress I’ve been under?

No, she says. But if you say one more word, I think I may destroy you. I think I may rip you apart.

You set this up, I say. You set this whole thing up. You pig!

There is a vicious moment between us. When we finally lie on the ground, beaten and bleeding, we realize that we may have an unhealthy dependence on comforts.

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