Babies- Curse #722

Posted on April 6, 2011


She is angry with him again.

You are a child, she says. But you are becoming a baby. This is not your fault. You’re a man. It can’t be helped. This happens to some men, you know. They start to collapse, or never really form at all.

I told you I don’t like it when you say that, he says.

She says, then stop crying so much. If you stop crying, I’ll stop calling you a baby.

You hit me so hard sometimes, he says. But I never cried. You bite so hard, too! Look at these marks on my shoulder!

Look at you, she says. You really, really, really are becoming a baby. It’s backwards aging. Amazing! You know, you may be a fetus soon. I wish I was a scientist, I would analyze you under a microscope. I’d cut you into pieces and put you between slides. Reverse aging. Amazing!

I am not becoming a baby, he says. You’re over reacting. You’re angry.

She says, it will be illegal you know. When you turn seventeen I’m going to be forced to leave. I’m not going to jail for a selfish ass.

He says, when did you begin to feel this way?

Yesterday, she says. Yesterday when you went off to play with your friends and didn’t come home until late. I guess playing dolls is more important than me. And that’s why you were hit. And that’s why you were bitten. I wanted to warn you. She says, I wanted to warn you that you were pissing off the wrong person. Looking back, what should I have expected? You’re a child. Soon you will become a fetus.

I am not, he mutters. He shuffles quietly, nervously. There is a part of him that fears she has cursed him, a fear that makes him hesitant to look in a mirror. Will his facial hair still be growing in his reflection? Will he have baby teeth? There is a stinging sensation in the corner of his eyes.

She says, are you going to cry, baby? Again? Just like I said. Soon you’ll really be a baby. And I’ll have to drive you downtown and leave you at the orphanage, I’ll have to buy a basket. I’ll be careful when I lay you in it. Careful not to make the baby cry. We wouldn’t want the baby to cry.

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