Juggling – Curse #9914

Posted on April 4, 2011


His skill at juggling a dog while riding a unicycle was improving, but his curiosity began to whisper of felines. He found himself wondering what it would be like to juggle cats instead, dodging claws and teeth. For a few days he kept with the dogs. He tried very hard, but grew sick in the head and in the stomach. He began to dream about catnip and eyes that seemed to endlessly peer into an abyss, begging to be juggled.  The next day he broke down, crept into his neighbors yard, and stole a cat. If he could have kept his curiosity on a leash, he would have been a star. One day many years later, despite the protests of witnesses, he tries to balance a whale and finds that the weight of the beast is too much to bear. Crushed, he perishes, wondering what that light up ahead might be, heaven or hell, unable to really commit to either.