Learning to Cook, Lesson 1 – Advice #299

Posted on April 3, 2011


Breakfast involves flames and Teflon skillets, so you must not forget to wrap your hands in bandages. This will mitigate the several burns you would incur without protection. The next step in cooking breakfast is to decide what to have. In the far off country of France, they have coffee and croissants. In the closer lands of the jungle, large animals eat the small ones. In the cemetery, time eats the dead.

There are many choices. Choose something, but choose something natural and not processed.  A raw diet will keep you from dying at a young age. For instance, if you want to make bananas, never remove the skin. This would be an error that has been replicated and replicated, until finally being accepted as the proper culinary method. This is an important consideration when making fish and serving pomegranates. Let’s not get ahead of ourselves, we will cover that during lesson 2, ‘semi-romantic dinners’.

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