Pretty Smile – Comfort #1110

Posted on March 31, 2011


She had begun to find and collect metal again.

When he found out, her therapist warned her. You have to find a meaning in life, he said. Otherwise you’ll keep up this nervous habit of eating metal. Think about the weight you’ll gain. How will you ever find a man like that? Metal goes straight to the hips. Try sewing. Try drugs. Try anything but metal.

When he found out, her dentist warned her. Your teeth are not that strong, he said. You can suck on your thumb or bite your finger nails but you must stop eating metal.  You have such a pretty smile, he said. Stop stuffing your face. Hey, he said, why don’t you smile more often?

She couldn’t help but succumb to her metallic desires. She spent hours in vacant houses, picking them clean of aluminum and copper. Construction sites were not safe. She would eat through the fences and then find steel and iron scraps. She craved the metal now, the way it was cold in her belly and how it stayed inside her for days, slowly and painfully being digested and assimilated. She was strong now, her muscles were metal and only a fool would challenge her to an arm wrestling match.

I am invincible, she said, no one can defeat me now.