Bad Ideas – Comfort #841B

Posted on March 28, 2011


One day she made up a few bad ideas, but didn’t know how to share them. He didn’t like new ideas, much less bad ideas, and so she decided to write them down and stuff them into an envelope. She remembered the last time they tried a bad idea, which involved handcuffs, a fish tank full of water, and a lock. Thank god he could hold his breath.  She also recalled the time with the whips and the orangutans and the hot fudge, which also proved dangerous, and he never forgave her for his left nipple.

She appropriately marked the outside of the envelope with “Bad Ideas” and drew a sinister smiley face.  She took the envelope and hid it under his pillow. Bad ideas were always best when you happened upon them by surprise, like that time she hid a snake in her brassier and he found it and it bit him on the nose.

If he found this particular envelope, he’d be blessed with some very bad ideas, ideas they could either partake in or avoid at all cost. She was proud of these ideas, they were her very best yet. The ideas involved dangerous chemicals, electricity, and fire. Some would have thought they were making a monster, but it was merely an innocent attempt to keep from the boredom that comes when the days are spent negotiating one’s sanity from domesticity.

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