Crushed – Comfort #61E

Posted on March 25, 2011


He walks into the living room and says, I want you to crush it. Right now.

She says, no.

He says, I never ask you for anything. Why won’t you?

She says, I don’t believe in violence. Crush it yourself.

He takes measures to provoke her. He eats all of the chocolate in the house. He downs the wine. He’s high on sugar and drunk as hell.

Crush it, he says. He burps loudly, almost throwing up but only drooling down his shirt.

What a man, what a man, she says. You can’t even stand straight.

Come on, he declares. He is wild and dramatic, ripping buttons off his shirt as he bares his less than muscular chest. CRUSH it, he screams.

No, she says.

He takes further measures. He breaks china. He breaks windows. He breaks the television set. All with his bare hands, which are now bloody and manly. Crush it, he exclaims.

She does not crush it. Instead, she leaves to shop for a new pair of stilettos.

An hour later she returns and he is bleeding from breaking so much glass and still drunk, though no longer sugar high. From the light in his eyes, a deep sort of roaring light, he is angry and he says in a muffled animalistic voice: crush it. He pops himself in the chest once, winces from the shallow cuts along his body, and waits.

Never, she says. If it was the last one on earth I wouldn’t crush it. Crush it yourself, you jackass.

He kicks her cat.

Stop, she says. Don’t do that again.

He kills the cat.

She screams, No!!!!

He has the terrier and it is yelping, quite concerned by what it just witnessed with the cat. She is in puppy mode now, ready to kill him, ready to crush it and then kick it down the street, slowly and methodically wasting a summer day kicking it and kicking it.  Cats are one thing. Cats are replaceable. But sweet, sweet Pansies, the most beautiful terrier in the world? Not a chance.

She walks over and takes the pup from him, he stinks of booze and Pansies is happy to scutter away, safely under the couch, peeking out to watch.  With a force unlike many things in this world, she crushes the fabled ‘it’ and he looks back at her, surprise and pain reflected in his face. He says, wow. Didn’t realize we were so serious.  That… kind of… hurt.

And with that the blood in his body stops flowing and he falls to the ground, leaving her with a boozy, bleeding mess to be carried off and into the swamps.