Chinese Fortune Cookie #5

Posted on March 23, 2011


On this one occasion he asks her where she is going wearing a miniskirt on a Thursday night. She is defensive but he reassures her by saying that he trusts everything she tells him. She says, I’m going to church service. And i’m late.

Another time he asks her what color her eyes are. She tells him that her eyes are blue, but they are brown and yet he believes her.

On the last day of their relationship she offers him lemon-aid and a calculated smile. He sips it and tells her how it tastes coppery but nice all the same. She asks in a pretty voice that he stand on this tape in the shape of an ‘X’, two feet in front of him.  Above his head hangs a very old chandelier and he is thinking at that moment how good it feels to trust another person, how being able to trust fully means he can love fully, and that not many people experience this.