Roving Animals – Curse #9119P

Posted on March 22, 2011


A group of Bankers approached a single pedestrian while roving along the sidewalks.  The Bankers were travelling in a crowded pack, much like wolves. They all knew that social mores dictated that one them would have to fall behind the others to allow room for this pedestrian to pass by them. One of the Bankers raised a hand and said, I think we should decide this by net worth. Lowest net worth has to fall back.

The one who was of the lowest net worth became angry and said, I think we should do this by paper rock scissors.

Another one said, fellas, let’s not fight. I think we should fall upon this pedestrian and devour him. Problem solved.

And that’s what they did, falling upon the pedestrian who was an intern at a nearby investment banking firm. The act was one of cannibalism, but the old men in the tailored suits did not think of it that way, only thinking of it as lunch and how nice the tasty meal settled their stomachs and kept them spread out evenly along the sidewalk, enjoying the nice spring weather.