Affairs of the Dead – Comfort #201HJ

Posted on March 21, 2011


He tried to find a quiet place to contemplate. A woman had given him a trinket, a small heart shaped box that was empty, and he was trying to decide what that meant.  He tried the woods behind his apartment building, but he became distracted when he realized the box was made of wood and that the trees around him were looking down, disapprovingly.  He tried the local shopping mall but it was almost Valentines Day and all the shops were full of hearts, which threw him off balance when he tried to contemplate the shape of the box.

Finally he tried the local convention center. There was a group of embalmers and funeral directors meeting there to discuss affairs regarding the dead. Since embalmers and funeral directors have a limited amount of things to seriously discuss, he found time to quietly contemplate the heart shaped box.

He came to a conclusion: the box was nothing serious. He found a pasty looking man, an embalmer, and left the box in his care.

Posted in: Year 1: Comfort