Good Women – Comfort #040

Posted on March 18, 2011


She brought up the eyes during breakfast. It’s always good to ambush a man while he is eating sausage and eggs. She said, we need to talk. You know those eyes all over the house? The ones you installed to watch me?

He told her that he knew the eyes she was referencing. He had pulled a muscle installing them and he was still making payments.

They have to go, she said.

He told her that there was no way. He had to have them watch her. He had to know what she was doing at all times, because he had been cheated on before. Good women are hard to come by, he said. I think you are a good woman, but I cannot be sure.

She said, I’m going to take a knife to them. I’m going to blind them all. I’m going to make them cry.

He told her that she was over reacting.

She reached out and took his plate. When she lifted the plate in the air he told her to stop. When she threw the plate across the kitchen he asked her what the hell was wrong with her. When she walked over to the counter and pulled out a butcher’s knife he was speechless.