Eyeball – Curse #4100F

Posted on March 15, 2011


The eye has begun to spasm at random intervals. This a terribly uncomfortable feeling for the eye’s owner. Face to face conversations have become awkward. Many people think that the eye is winking at them, when the eye is merely misbehaving. The Doctor does not know what is wrong with the eye but he tells the eye’s owner that if it isn’t hurting, to not worry about it. These things come and go, the Doctor says. This would be easy advice if the eye’s owner could let go, practice patience, or understand that some things in life are uncontrollable. But the eye’s owner cannot do any of those things. Instead, the owner rubs the eye until it eventually falls out and is left on a sidewalk.

The eye is found by a curator and put on display in a special museum that keeps a collection of beautiful, misbehaved creatures. Some days the eye stops spasming to take a rest and every once in a while the curator has to shake its glass box to rile it up, get it twitching madly. The museum’s patrons demand it.