Cellar – Comfort #-92

Posted on March 14, 2011


I keep a horribly depressed poet in my cellar.  This is startling for friends when they come over for dinner parties. They can hear him weeping from time to time beneath the dinning room floor. I have to explain carefully why I keep him there. I tell them that there is utility to keeping a depressed artist, and that they should get one too. For example, I tell them, if I am having a particularly good day and need to adjust my mood, I go down with a candle and listen to a poem. Sure, he complains a lot.  Mostly about how dark the cellar is, dark just like his soul.  But the whole performance usually does it for me, and I’m fixed, back in a so-so mood instead of a stellar one. It’s important, I tell them, to take all things in moderation, including happiness. Usually a few of my friends will find the idea disgusting, but there is always one that stops me on their way out and asks quietly so the others cannot hear: Where can I get one?

Posted in: Year 1: Comfort