Baked Fish – Comfort #131G

Posted on March 13, 2011


One of the Servants asks Poseidon’s Cook why he is baking a Clown Fish for the king’s dinner. The Cook tells the Servant that the Clown Fish had been joking about the story again, the story about how Poseidon became king. The Cook asks the Servant if he has ever noticed that Poseidon always has swollen eyes. People believe, the Cook says, that Poseidon is emotional and that some woman left him once and he cried so long and so hard that he created the ocean and crowned himself king.

That’s a terrible story, the Servant says.

Makes the king look weak, the Cook says.

The Servant asks, So he’s going to eat the Clown Fish to make himself feel better?

Comfort food, the Cook says.

The clown fish should have kept his mouth shut, the Servant says.

The Cook says, The Clown Fish didn’t realize it was too soon to be joking. But a clown fish is a clown fish. We can’t fight our nature, the Cook says.