Gift Wrapped Parcels – Comfort #772

Posted on March 11, 2011


They are sitting on the couch and he has his arm around her. After a few hours she says, Something is wrong.

He tells her no, everything is fine.

She says, no, something is definitely wrong.

He tells her, with a look of fright on his pale face, that he suspects he may be deceptive and cannot control it.

She asks him, deceptive? What do you mean deceptive? What have you been deceptive about?

She pushes him away and they sit on opposite ends of the couch. The composition mirrors geopolitical warfare and she looks accusingly into his eyes which no longer reflect fright but a genuine calm.

He tells her that he is sorry. He was just kidding around. Not to worry. He tells her that everything is fine.

Just kidding around, she repeats. Yeah, sure. Just kidding around, she says.

He gets up and retrieves a small, wrapped parcel from the kitchen. He brings it to her and offers an apologetic smile. He tells her that it is a gift, and that he is sorry for worrying her.

She takes the parcel but does not open it, she does not know how to proceed. If she knew what was inside the box, she would know the proper way to open it, the proper way to treat this possibly deceptive man, this  man who tells her these random admissions of possible psychopathic tendencies.  She shakes the parcel and hears something move inside. She is not certain, but there could be a monster in there.

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