Courtship – Comfort #7781

Posted on March 8, 2011


During the era of the internet, people who had crushes on strangers would stalk them without any pause or dignity: search engines, social networks, looking up their tax parcel information with the county auditor’s website. Unfortunately, he had encountered a roadblock. The woman he was interested in was a ghost, and how could he subtly change and project an image of what he thought she wanted if he couldn’t dig up details? What was her favorite animal? He was sure they would both love Koalas. Did she take karate? He could break a pencil with a swift punch. What kind of music did she listen to? Because he was certain they could sing a song or two together.

That’s why he snuck into her house while she was gone. He waited outside all day, until finally she left to go to the store or meet another man (which was his real fear, that another man had already beat him to persuading her that he was the man of her unyielding wishes). He tip toed into her room and dug through her belongings — finding a journal and then escaping to wander off and absorb the small details. As he read he idly spun a cocoon, entering a slow metamorphosis that she would find irresistible.

Posted in: Year 1: Comfort