Simple Statistics Related to Tickets – Paranoia #A12

Posted on March 5, 2011


Lately I have noticed that I collect a great amount of tickets. I am normally a patient, serious man, but things are getting out of hand. The other day the waitress gave me a ticket for my lunch order. There was the ticket I received for jay walking.  I have a ticket for my coat, which they forced me to take when I arrived at the opera. The grocery store printed out a ticket, good for one free admission to the circus, but I don’t like elephants. Yesterday I wanted a kiss, but my girlfriend had a headache and gave me a ticket.  My boss has given me a ticket for a promotion, which is exciting, but not very useful at this point in time. I still show my friends and hope they think that it is impressive. The number on all of these tickets is never 1, but higher and in the double digits. As a statistician I surmise that this must be a feeling a majority of people relate to.

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