The Fly Slayer Makes a Mistake – Curse #9914

Posted on March 4, 2011


The Fly Slayer was having a great day, a personal best day.  He had discovered that if he utilized heavy textbooks, flinging them across the room at everything that flew by, he would nail at least two or three flies.

He rubbed his hands together in a sadistic pose, mimicking the insects he was so adept at slaying. My, he said to himself, how effective I am.

There was movement in the corner of the room. He picked up a book entitled “Multivariate Logistic Regressions” and threw it.  Usually the flies made no noise, only the sound of a splatter if particularly fat and juicy. This time, however, the Fly Slayer heard a small voice scream.

He found a fairy underneath the heavy book. Her body was crushed but she made a final gesture, a rude, impolite sort of movement. The Fly Slayer, who had always been fond of fairies in books and cartoons, was panic stricken. How could he, a true professional, make such a terrible mistake?  He collected the fairy in a dust pan as the flies hovered above him, watching as he dumped the fairy’s remains in the garbage disposal. Problem solved, he said. Now no one would know the terrible error occurred.

Weeks later, when the Fairy curse struck,  his hair began to fall out, and then his fingers and toes. After that he lost his ankles, then his elbows. When he was bed ridden the flies would buzz around his face, land on his neck, crawl into his nose — daring him to throw a book, a ball, a newspaper, anything at all.