Henry Jenkins was Electrocuted – Curse #3

Posted on March 1, 2011


Insomnia was actually a fat, shady man who stalked people. He spent most of his time making phone calls that would disrupt the sleep of those he had developed an irrational hatred towards. Henry Jenkins was one such man and for months Insomnia had been harrassing him. The final straw was a phone call Insomnia made to the municipal works department. There was the need for emergency repairs to a pothole outside Henry Jenkins’ house.  Near midnight the crew was there, toiling away with drills, getting the asphalt truck ready to roll.

Henry Jenkins never stood a chance. The only thing that could have comforted this particular man from Insomnia’s mischief was a gentle hand and the loving voice of some beautiful woman who was now in Europe or maybe Pittsburgh. The only other solution was a radio, blaring the blues,  and bathtub full of water.

Posted in: Year 1: Curse