Scissors – Curse #317G

Posted on February 26, 2011


He needed to trim the edges of some copied financials but his scissors were missing. The printer had left long ugly ink stains on the bottom of each copy and he didn’t have the time to reprint them. Having ugly documents to distribute in meetings made him sweat. He wiped away some perspiration and thought that this was not the time to have terrible handouts, not with all the office politics, the office whisper campaigns.

There was no time, the meeting was about to begin. Where were those damn scissors, he asked and then he gave up, threw a stapler across his office and made like wind to the meeting.

Everyone was already there, but they were not sitting. They were standing and all eyes fell upon him as he entered the room. Linda, his rival for the upcoming promotion, wore a devious smile. And then she rose a hand and his scissors were there and his face turned white and there faces turned red and they were upon him with scissors and staplers.

Had he survived the meeting he would have been manager by Tuesday, by Thursday he would have had Linda’s head on his desk, and by the end of year a nice, fat bonus.

Posted in: Year 1: Curse