Directions – Advice #2091

Posted on February 25, 2011


One insomniac evening, I took a stroll through the woods to think about the important things in life, like noise and fear. A lost monster was there, sitting under a tree, whimpering. When I stopped to ask him what was wrong he described a story about a comfortable bed he use to sleep under.  The homeowners were foreclosed upon last week and thus he too was forced to leave.

At the end of his story he begged me for directions to the nearest house,  a place where he could go before the sun rose, which was a painful time for monsters.

So I gave him directions to your house, where the children play noisely in the streets and throw stones at the neighborhood cats. That is why you may hear the frantic scream of a child feeling fear, who swears that claws dragged Mr. Teddy under the bed, a place stuffed animals and socks seem to disappear to often.