Attention Deficit Disorder – Curse #1298W

Posted on February 21, 2011


I was placed in time out and whenever I move the time on the wall resets itself.  Someone once told me why I was put in time out, but I can’t remember why that was.  I haven’t been able to find my socks since I got here. I remember I took them off briefly and sat them down, to air out my feet, but now they are gone. So are my shoes. The hard part about not moving is that when I breath my stomach rises just enough to reset the clock.  When you combine that with an occasional nose scratch or a shoulder shrug, you would think the clock would have worn out.  My hair and beard have grown long and shaggy, but that isn’t my fault. I haven’t been able to shave because of this whole problem I have. I’m stuck in time out, in this room, with a clock that resets every time I move.  I haven’t seen my socks for some time, either, which is alarming.  I’m in my twenties and some of my friends use to theorize that the twenties and thirties are like time out and then, magically, your life begins at 40. I’ve been trying to figure out why I was put in time out in the first place, but every time I ask a question my lips move and the clock resets and of course no one answers because I am alone in time out.  Maybe when I turn 40 the clock will malfunction from an extended series of resets and I can just walk freely away from time out. From what I figure, there is only twenty minutes on the clock. If I hold my breath like this, with my lips puckered and chest extended, and I stop scratching my nose or shrugging, I think I can get past this time out thing and start my life before 40. Or maybe someone stole my socks and shoes as a sick joke to make problems for the guy stuck in time out. Or maybe whoever put me here wanted to slow me down, so I can’t be a productive member of society and do great things like have a girlfriend or run a marathon. Or maybe whoever put me in here wanted me to die from holding my breath for too long.  I lost my socks when I took them off in here but I can’t remember how. Look at that. There goes that clock, reseting again.

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