Dating Exit Survey – Advice #91111

Posted on February 19, 2011


The mad statistician, who was also the mayor, required that anyone living in the city must complete an exit survey after a first date. Turned out few people found central limit theorem or linear regressions to be interesting, and so he had suffered several uneventful first dates himself.

The exit survey was quickly adopted by the twenty and thirty somethings, as they rarely could gauge whether a date had gone well or not. This was partly due to poor communication skills, cultivated by the internet, but also a tendency to not want to be forward or honest before the other person, in case they thought you had an ugly nose or strange body odor.

Soon people began using the survey after first dates, as the metrics were solid and the data revealed a lot about both participants. Did that girl get rated very poor on her ability to eat food? Did he talk too much about his pet schnauzer? Was he just too bald for her?

Despite its utility, the survey died out among late term relationships. There was a cut off point upon which two people had to stop being honest with each other, or else risk warfare.