Practicing Repetition – Comfort #736LQ

Posted on February 16, 2011


I’m following this guy around the city, practicing repetition. From what I can figure, he’s a tourist carrying around this small digital camera. He’s taking photos of strangers (mostly women), of visually interesting signs (mostly bars), and architecture (mostly modernist).

Every time he takes a photo he stops to crouch.  As soon as he does this, I crouch too, and snap a photo of him snapping a photo. I follow him for hours before he is aware of my presence.

He’s crouched, framing a shot of some strip joint when he figures it out. I’m aiming my lense at him, ready to take another shot. Right when I think hes going to capture the topless bar with his camera, he turns and aims it right at me.  I feel my body tense as he clicks the shutter and snap — he takes a photo. I push my shutter button and capture him back. Now we’re repeating each other, pushing the shutter buttons in a frenzy, over and over again, waiting to see who will run out of battery first.

Both of our batteries die at the same time and we stand.

Neither of us approach the other to ask what just happened.  Instead we repeat each other one final time, turning from one another and walking off.

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