Falling – Curse #194

Posted on February 12, 2011


The first day of summer all the bugs were out, gnats and flies, buzzing annoying secrets into faces.  A group of children were playing hide and seek in the cemetery on a particularly humid, muddy day.  That was the day a woman fell from the sky.  They found her between the Johnson and Pierre family stones.  She had gorgeous wings but the impact had covered her with black mud.  She stirred. Hello, she said to the kids who jumped back in surprise, congratulations. You have found a fallen angel. The kids said nothing at first and circled her, trying to decide if what they were seeing was real. One of the kids finally said, are you really a fallen angel? Fallen like the devil? No, she told them, with a charming, ethereal laugh. I’m just clumsy. I slipped from the sky. I haven’t had these wings very long. The problem with children is that they never know who to trust or what to do in important situations. I think I may have broken my legs, the woman giggled in shock. Having been raised Protestant, they knew very well what ‘fallen’ meant. She asked them if they could go find help. The children made a decision and, picking up sticks and heavy stones, fell upon the woman who made sounds that were quite beautiful, though full of surprise and panic and then nothing at all.