Pipes – Advice #ZZZzzzZZZ

Posted on February 2, 2011


There is this drain in the men’s room near the urinals that are littered with love poetry.  If he were tiny he could enter the drain, down into the pipes, which would lead to other pipes and eventually into the apartment of the woman he secretly loves.

His plan is to pop out of her shower while she is brushing her teeth and say something cool, like “Presto Chango!”,  at which point she will fall in love with him.  This relationship will be perfect for a minimum of six months.  After six months, give or take a few years, during a frightful disagreement over Chinese food, he will shrink down once more and escape through the kitchen sink, back to this men’s room, back to the place he is standing right this second contemplating the future, full of fears at the possibility of choices made and choices to be made.