Quarter Please – Curse #87654L

Posted on January 29, 2011


He woke up in this crane machine, in a small Midwestern arcade, crowded between neon colored rabbits. The rabbits were discussing an ongoing war between them and the bears in another crane machine.  When they notice the man, they force him into initiation. They frisk him for quarters and paint him a bright shade of orange and then they drag a prisoner bear out in front of him and they tell him to break the bear’s neck which is hard to do because it’s such a cute teddy bear but he does, he wraps his fingers around the teddy bear and strangles it until the rabbits cheer.

Six hours later this kid pulls him free, right as the rabbits conversation moves from kidnapping more bears to mass teddy bear genocide.  Although the man is grateful to be free, he begins to walk away from the small girl who has freed him. “They said this would be fun, that I’d win a toy,” she cries.

“Try the other machine, the one with the bears,” he says. “Stay away from the rabbits,” he says.  Good advice for only one quarter.

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