Saving Receipts – Advice #799L

Posted on January 27, 2011


She asks him why he has so many shoe boxes full of receipts, doesn’t he think it’s strange and is he losing his mind.  Sometimes he remembers her eyes as brown but they are green — the difference between the spring and fall.  He has also begun to forget preferences, for example, the other day he told her he liked her with her pants off — which was true — but what he meant to say was that he wanted chili for dinner. The truth is that he has no honest memory in his body, but he can not tell her that, or how he is saving receipts — the only evidence of his preferences — for future reference when his mind finally is lost. He tells her that he has decided to become an accountant and is keeping a ledger, which she teases him about but approves since it is almost tax season, a dreary time of year during which she never can remember if she needs a w-2 or a wd-40 and has more than once been afraid of being audited or being sentenced to prison.