Economic Downturn – Curse#2TN

Posted on January 25, 2011


Sales are low so now we rent this mole hole. The hole is ridiculously dark. Last week we lost Murphy. Some of the fellas heard a shriek but no one saw anything. One idea is that some hole creature carried him away.  That’s nice, but now I have his accounts.

There is only one light in the hole and everyone fights for the space. We have to get our reports finished before we can go home, and we need to see to do that.

We’ve requested more lights, and also two ply toilet paper, but moles never get anything done.  They are afraid of something down in this hole. I know this because they were nervous during the tour. They also left us an elephant rifle, which seems irresponsible given the lack of sight.

My friends like to ask why I can’t make it to the bar. They don’t understand that I can’t see my reports, or my telephone, or an escape from this hole.

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