Magic Trick One – Curse# 2371

Posted on January 23, 2011


She will not stop yelling so he pulls out Magic Trick One.

She stops him and asks why he always has to be a magician or comedian when she wants to fight. She wants to argue with the domestic him, not the talented him.

He asks her if she wants to see the trick or not, and of course she wants to see the trick.

He tells her to grab an axe so she finds a butcher knife from the kitchen drawer and asks if that will work. He says it will work but that he would rather an axe. But that’s okay, he says, let’s just get started.

She asks what she should do.  He tells her that he is going to lay his head on the counter and that she needs to lift the butcher knife above his neck. He tells her that she is going to need to swing fast and hard, as if she is going to sever his head.

She seems nervous but strangely intrigued.

He tells her to not worry,  that it’s only a trick.  She tells him she is not worried. He tells her he is going to count to three and then she should swing.  She says she is looking forward to it. Watch carefully, he says, I’m going to disappear.

She swings when he counts to two.  He is still not certain if she did that on purpose.  Now he spends most of his time sitting on the couch, a headless roommate. Aside from the dust and her new boyfriend, it’s not all that bad.  He wants to say, presto, Magic Trick One! But it’s not as impressive as he thought it would be.