Hunger Box – Paranoia # 91aB

Posted on January 21, 2011


Her appetite has grown fierce these days and she worries that she is getting fat, fat, fat.  One night she slumbers and has many dreams. In one dream she feels empty. Her man has removed her hunger box, the hefty device in her belly that controls the urge to feed. He tells her that she does not eat enough and that she must eat more.  She is suspicious that he does not want other men to find her attractive, that he does not want to see her leave him. He tampers with the box, stabbing it with a screwdriver in several places before he puts it back inside her.

In the morning she awakens angry with him. He does not know what he has done but makes her breakfast in bed to try and get on her good side.  She cries when she sees this and he doesn’t understand what the matter is with her these days, with all of her weeping over scrambled eggs and muffins and strawberries.