Explanation of Nothing – Advice #7612

Posted on January 18, 2011


There has been confusion among my friends as to what I do.  They are confused because I spend nine hours a day typing zeroes into spreadsheets.  They think that this means that I do nothing.  I tell them that there is a difference between zeroes and nothing. They ask if what I do is like seeing an attractive girl and thinking there is a connection when there isn’t anything at all.  I tell them that it isn’t like that. I just make sure that my company has enough zeroes to go around.

I want to explain to them what nothing is, so that they stop confusing zeroes with nothing.

I want to tell them about this dream I had, where the sky turned purple as the sun fled into the night. In this dream I was painting an entirely black mural. Critics were coming to critique my work but the night came quickly and so everything was dark when they arrived.

I do not tell my friends about this dream because dreams make me shy. Also, I cannot remember what the critics in the dream said. I have forgotten entirely and so the memory does not exist, as if there were nothing.