Friends to Slaughter – Curse #51

Posted on January 14, 2011


My friend begs me not to leave him but his leg is stuck in her bear trap and it is getting dark out.  She is calling his name in the distance like a serial killer calls for a pretty girl hiding under the bed.  Help me, he says, so I try to help but he has already given up and after a few moments he tells me to not worry, to leave while I still can.  The last thing he asks is if animals in the wild know which of their friends are prey and which are survivors before the slaughter ever happens.  I do not answer this question because I am already escaping in the direction of a spot light in the city, back to the place I call home, which is a comfortable flat with nice furniture and an orange cat.  There is cold beer in the fridge.  Tonight I will need to clean the litter box again.