A Janitorial Detective Mystery – Curse #932P

Posted on January 12, 2011


Someone had been weeping in the lobby again.  Since it was late evening, and the lights were dim, no one knew who had done it.

The Janitor, who had a master’s degree in detection, was called to solve the mystery and later mop up.

Alright, the Janitor said to the Suspects. Any one of you could have done this, God knows we all sob, but I have detected the culprit.  I can say without doubt that it was-” the voice of the Janitor  ceased when the lights flickered off.  He had an irrational fear of the dark, a rare quality in detectives, and slipped on the wet floor.

When the light returned, everyone saw that the Janitor’s head had hit the marble floor.  The Janitor struggled to name the weeper as his blood mixed with the wet, salty mess, but he couldn’t form syllables.  His last thought was that he should have placed “caution: slippery” signs.

The Janitor would be honored by building management. Many people die in a pool of their own tears, they would say, but our Janitor was a brave man and died in someone else’s.  People had been fond of the Janitor and even though they did not want to, many employees wept, flooding the office building.