In the Cul-de-sac – Paranoia #U3AZ1

Posted on January 10, 2011


The Banker is at our neighbor’s house again.  He is a lively man that loves his work and is in the middle of his routine, waving his hand in the air, removing a lambskin glove. He reveals gnarled stumps where three fingers use to be.  For the next part of the show he tells our neighbor a story about loss, a story about how there were once five fingers on that hand.

Everyone feels bad for our neighbor.  Since he lost his job, he has given the bank his nice pair of shoes, a German Shepherd , a Sedan, most of his self esteem, a wife, and two kids.  Today, the Banker will ask for further payment. This payment requires a set of pliers and a dull knife.  My neighbor doesn’t have a strong stomach.  He will want to ask about the children, to know if they are well, but he will be paralyzed at the thought of losing a piece of himself.  In the depths of his stomach he will feel like he’s about to lose his neck, but this month the Banker only wants a fingernail.