The Feral Heart – Curse #963A

Posted on January 9, 2011


The Anthropologists, our neighbors, could not have children and so adopted a feral child. Every Saturday, shortly after breakfast, the child makes a desperate escape through the neighborhood.  No one knows why she does this.  One theory is that Saturday morning cartoons, or domesticity, or reading and mathematics creates an overwhelming sense of dread and anxiety in the feral child, whose heart is still wild.

As the Anthropologists chase their child with a net, the neighborhood tries to be polite and continues to shovel snow from their drives, pretending not to notice.  Even so, the Homeowner’s Association has requested that the Smiths stop these weekly escapades.  Having a feral child fleeing down the streets makes the neighborhood seem primitive and dangerous.

Although the Anthropologists would love to comply, they have been unsuccessful.  Who could blame them? Sometimes it is nearly impossible to fight off the urge to flee, even in the hearts of those who have been civilized from birth.