Concerning Buses – Advice #21353234235

Posted on January 7, 2011


She was devouring a pomegranate when he entered the kitchen. The fruit stained her teeth, mouth, and chin. Looking ghastly, she asked him a question about his box and when he did not answer she began to explain about leaving things behind. She told him that some people left stuff, not because they were forgetful, but for an excuse to return another day.  A set of pearl earrings, a book of photographs, nice underwear, a sharp butcher’s knife — these were important things. She took up the knife she had sliced the fruit with and swung it lazily as she continued to say that other people left things behind like a lizard abandons a tail — casualties of a desperate escape to catch the next bus to Omaha. She spit pomegranate seeds into her free hand and gave a gruesome smile, crimson and pleased. Pointing the knife at him she asked if he had everything and he said that he had everything he needed. She said she would feel terrible if he had left anything behind, as he gathered his box and left for the new flat.

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