Feeding the Unfettered Mouth – Curse #900

Posted on January 2, 2011


“Building a monster, Doctor Frankenstein?” the Cashier jokes with the man.  After the few weeks of feeding, the cashier knows the man enough to feel comfortable jesting.

At four in the morning the man purchases: Four pounds of beef, two shanks of pork ribs, a bottle of Worcester sauce, a bottle of BBQ sauce, half a dozen legs of lamb, two packs of hot dogs, two bundles of hot dog buns, spicy mustard, and a roast chicken.  He picked up a carton of tofu, but that was merely nostalgia and he dumped it back onto the shelf.

His lover was a vegetarian and she would not approve of these carnivorous gestures.  If she were still around, she would have a screaming fit.

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