Papa Bear’s Toilet – Curse #3543

Posted on December 31, 2010


The problem with Papa Bear is that he never leaves the commode. This has been a problem since Goldilocks left for college and Baby Bear left to chase caves and honey. Papa Bear sits there on the commode and pretends to read the latest issue of The Economist.

Everyone knows Bears can’t read.  They have no sense of logistic regressions or global economies either.

Mama Bear doesn’t help the situation. She spends all her time watching Food Network and baking muffins. She’s grown quite large since she gave up the porridge and started hitting those muffins.

If you happen to be visiting and you need to pee you will stand there all day, politely knocking every five minutes. All you’ll get is the throaty grunt of Papa Bear saying: “Occupied.

You will give up and go outside to relieve your bladder on a snowy bush, muttering a messy curse at the hospitality of bears.

Posted in: Bears, Year 1: Curse