Seasons Doppelganger !! – Paranoia #8811B

Posted on December 26, 2010


There was a suspicious six year old girl asking questions about how:

“How does that jolly old man make it to every mall in the world at the same time?”

“How can that fat guy get down all those chimneys in one night?”

“How can that lumpy red suit move so fast? I don’t understand!!”

The answer given was a combination of magic, elves, and special helpers.

The child did not accept this and instead, deep inside her chest, felt a wintery dread. She painted her own answer — the ancient old HoHoHo must have a doppelganger.  Several in fact. They likely crawled around eleven months out of the year in a snowy cave, cramped together in darkness until beckoned to invade.

And then a more alarming thought invaded her mind: would her own doppelganger in some far away country, like Nebraska or France, receive the pony the red nosed old man was bringing her?