The Month’s Laundry is Set to Get Me – Paranoia #99911

Posted on August 29, 2010


I ventured through Word Press Land with the purpose of finding a nice place to do my laundry. Unfortunately, there are few dry cleaners in this far flung corner of the world wide web. Instead, I stumbled upon neighbors and some of their interesting ideas, purposes, productions. By the time I was finished, the cleaners had closed. I had to wash everything by hand (even boxers and socks… month old) I’m waiting for them to dry, and I’m almost certain the wash will poison me in some way, but while it dries I thought I would take time to share some of the things I found this month.

A list of things found instead of laundry completed for the month of August:

Reasons for being

A way to make a man’s heart beat more efficiently

One of the most delicious looking markets

Vintage aprons and a lot of food

Coffee while watching pedestrians

The cost of the Blues

Office break ins

Winged Memory

and finally…

A rather imperfect situation

Please enjoy, but don’t forget clean up after yourself when you leave the yard. God knows, people litter all over mine.