Long Term Memory – Curse #0A0A0A

Posted on August 13, 2010


What are you doing here? There must be something more interesting going on. If not, start a fire.

I knew this guy in high school that would burn an ace of hearts outside the house of girls he loved. He’d leave it in their mail box. The problem was no one really thought that was romantic.  Sometimes he’d even burn up their gas bill or something important like that.

Later in life he had a series of brief lovers that kept him busy. He would be so busy that he would have to drink his wine while he showered. One day this girl he loved came into his apartment and into the bathroom while he was drinking his wine in the shower and she was mad. She found out he loved more girls than he had time for and she pushed him and, because he was a little tipsy from the wine, he fell.

He hit his head on the basin of the tub and there was this terrible bruise – deep purple, even orange, covered half his face.  When his other lovers saw it they left him for prettier boys and suddenly he had nothing else to do. He spent his time looking in the bathroom mirror. The bruise was his way of accessing his long term memory – but all he could remember was a fistful of worthless ash.