The evil gets in when you sleep – Curse #976V

Posted on May 13, 2010


The only thing left was an envelope on the coffee table. There was a scribbled note: “I’ve collected them all and kept them for you. I know you’ll get bored and I won’t be around — save this for one of those black, rainy days. You’d never dream these up on your own.”

He was mildly amused. Back when they were lovers she would take them before he woke up.  There was a box and she secured them there. “You’d never come up with these if you didn’t sleep with your mouth open,” she would say. “But this is what girlfriends are for.”

She would say this as he was cooking eggs, because that’s what people do in the morning. They cook eggs, make some coffee, have fresh toast if lucky. All of these were very good ideas. She bent forward and peered into the skillet, making sure the eggs didn’t burn.

“I can cook the eggs without burning them,” he would say. She would giggle and find a plate. “You took them again last night,” he said, part accusingly.

“You know that evil only gets in when you sleep. If you could shut that mouth you’d be a lot more innocent. And you’d drool a whole lot less,” she said.

When the eggs were done she would put them on her plate. She would eat them with a pinch of honey and a wide, girlish grin. One day she would leave him and he would have eggs to himself.

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