A Guide to Profit in Protesting – Advice #2006AX

Posted on April 28, 2010


Politicians and political acts are great. They create a very accessible niche market. Sure that market is volatile and brief, and they are protesting something, but not many people have the foresight to think about the market goods that could be sold to the protesters.

Jacket pins for F the war pledges – $2.99 each.

Perspective – $49.99

A Child who will hold your sign for six hours – $149.99 rental fee.

Senior Citizens that will hold your banner all day – $459.99

A Mario brothers sign, minus mustache and a falling apart hat – $983.43

An aerial view of the mess – $1000

And when the protestors get bored they finish protesting and go home. They leave behind broken bottles and pledges and signs and half eaten food and trampled grass and a pair of burnt panties hanging from a bush. But it all photographs so well, and there is a great profit for those who invest in trash cleanup services. But that’s another guide, for another time.

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